My Sweet Patootie


Breaking News!
My Sweet Patootie will be guest artists with the Georgian Bay Symphony May 31st, 2014. Award winning composer-arranger Brian Carlile (BAFTA) has been contracted to arrange the band's original songs for orchestra.

We are very excited to be working with such fantastic talent, but the best doesn't come cheap! 

Our goal is to raise enough funds to pay for 16 song arrangements - enough material for a full length concert.

It's ambitious, but we can do it with your help!

How can you help?  We set up a simple paypal donation button that you can use to safely and securely contribute to this project. If you prefer another method please contact Terry.

How much to donate?
One amazingly generous person made a donation of $500, but don't let that scare you off. Typical donations range from $15 to $100 - We are just so grateful for the tremendous support of our fans, we'd love you forever if you just dumped your change purse on us!

Canadians: The Georgian Bay Symphony is now able to issue a tax deductible charitable receipts to Canadians!

Canadian Donations

   International Donations

Why not use sites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo?
While these sites have helped fund a lot of projects they also charge a hefty fee for the service. The artist is charged between 5%-9% on donations plus 3% on credit card processing. We can all do that math. We know you work hard for your money. We are humbled that you would consider supporting us and our dream. We think your money should go to the actual project, just as you intend.

What does owning orchestral scores mean for My Sweet Patootie?
Beyond performing with our very own symphony here at home. we will be able to bring our songwriting and love of small town, rural Ontario to community orchestras all over Canada, the USA and United Kingdom.  A whole new world of performing opportunities open up for us.

Do you have a community orchestra in your area? 
Email us with details!  We want to bring this musical event to you!