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My Sweet Patootie embraces the fun that makes live music so intoxicating. With a sly wink and a grin, they draw you into a world of carnival barkers and nostalgic romantics; making you feel like you're a part of it all. Shades of vintage swing, country blues, folk, and ragtime collide in an uplifting show performed with tight vocal harmonies, instrumental virtuosity, and humorous storytelling. It's a unique musical experience that transcends the borders of the acoustic-roots genre, promising to entertain music lovers of all kinds.

This dynamic trio features Canadian Folk Music Award winners Sandra Swannell on vocals and swing fiddle and singer-guitarist Terry Young who's flashy fingerpicking functions simultaneously as the group’s guitar and bass. Backed by zany junkyard percussionist and singer Paul Clifford (in North America) and drummer John Jackson (in the UK).

Mariposa Folk Festival, CA - Mike Hill

My Sweet Patootie is an outstanding band. The combination of technical skill, songwriting and knowing how to interact with an audience make them ideal for any kind of venue.

Contact: Terry Young

In Canada Phone: 
1-519-379-4495 (001 from the UK)

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Musicport Festival, UK - Jim McLaughlin

Incredible professionalism and stunning musicianship plus great audience rapport and stagecraft makes My Sweet Patootie a perfect festival band.

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My Sweet Patootie is a high-energy acoustic roots and swing trio that delivers uplifting performances with an emphasis on entertainment and family-friendly fun.

We work with a variety of events and venues across Canada, the USA and the UK including performing arts festivals, theatres, acoustic music clubs, outdoor events, vintage fairs, dinner theatres, and house concerts.


We are a technically self-contained company and can provide our own production (lighting and sound) as needed in both North America and the UK. We advance all our shows and promote our tours through radio and print, live radio appearances, social media and email newsletters.

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