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November 20, 2016

Tall Tales may have had the occasion to grace the My Sweet Patootie stage - tales told boldly and biggly, but our song "Damnation" from our latest album is as true as the day is long.


Owen Sound has a fun self-guided tour that takes you back to a distant era of rampant drinking and gambling in Owen Sound, when it was known from coast to coast as “Corkscrew Town.” Taverns outnumbered churches and it was said that every man carried a corkscrew in his pocket.

By 1874 the women had had enough of drunkenness, brawling, vagrancy and vice and formed the Women’s Christian Temperance Union – the first of its kind in Canada. So set the stage for the “wets” and “drys” to battle it out for nearly a century. Owen Sound became dry in 1906 and stayed that way for 66 years, becoming the last city in Canada to lift prohibition.


 On the Tour:

​3) Damnation Corners

Intersection of 3rd Ave. East & 10th  Street, Owen Sound

Four taverns once stood here: The Grand Central Hotel, The Blue Moon, Warrilow's and the Pig's Ear.

4) Salvation Corners

Intersection of 4rd Ave. East & 10th  Street, Owen Sound

Four limestone churches  anchor this spot, just one block east of Damnation Corners: Church of the Nazarene, St. George’s Anglican Church, First Baptist Church and Georgian Shores United Church. The “dry” forces relied on upstanding church goers to help argue their cause.


You should come visit our area and find Salvation for yourself!

xo Sandra

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